The Author



I’m the author of H.E.R. which are, at the same time, the initials of my name. Currently at the age of 25, traveling somewhere in the world and drinking coffee every morning more or less accurately at 8 AM.

I am a media producer but most of all – I’m a writer.

”You can’t be a full-time author”

When I was nine years old I came across the coolest book I had ever read. It was Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. After reading the first, second, third and fourth book about four to five times (which resulted in a six-month-Harry-Potter-ban from my parents) everything seemed clear to me: I wanted to become an author, a writer, and write cool stuff just like J.K. Rowling.

For a few years, when asked, I kept telling both adults and friends that I would become an author just like J.K. Rowling. But when I turned eleven, my parents gave me an advice:

”You can’t be a full-time author. Instead, you need to come up with a profession that will give you a steady income.”

And as an eleven-year-old, I considered. What other writing jobs are there than fiction-writing? And it came to me: journalism. I could be a journalist and write as much as I wanted and have a steady income. Score!

For twelve years or so I kept on working towards this profession goal of mine by taking up the responsibilities of a chief editor of three member magazines and wrote articles for many others. The subjects I chose at school were the one’s that would help me with my career (i.e. History and Political Science) and when I started university I majored in political science and my minor was journalism.

But guess what? Every step that took me a little bit closer towards my professional goal in journalism was a disappointment. I did not enjoy my first summer in the local newspaper. I didn’t find motivation during the intensive one-year journalism studies. I thought I would love working for the radio – but I didn’t.

Finally, in the beginning of 2018 I realized something. All these years I had neglected the ultimate ideal I had had about my future working life in the first place: becoming an author, a person who writes. Instead, I felt like I was doing everything else except striving to become an author.

In February 2018, I returned to my roots and started writing fiction again. And never have I felt so alive as I do now, doing exactly that.

So, parents: I will become an author. No matter what you think of it, I will.

I will become an author – but how?

How do you become an author? How do you manage your every-day-life as an author? How do you get published? How will the change from a nine-to-five job to a free-hours-job be?

These are few of the questions I wish to find an answer to. This blog is a channel for me to tell you about my journey, how to do what I really want to do and what it takes to do it (for a more abstract description, click here).

But becoming an author isn’t only about writing. As any career, it’s about knowing yourself – who you are, why you do and think the way you do, how you represent yourself. These are some of the themes I will explore as well.

You see, I am – or actually, I was – a people-pleaser. I’m also a highly sensitive person, a HSP, which makes some things a bit more complicated. And when combining these two, people-pleasing and HSP, you get a real sucker-combination that the society we live in loves – someone who will do what they are told to do and who doesn’t complain back, someone you can rely on from here to eternity.

That was me. But from the summer of 2018 onward, I won’t be that person anymore.

On this blog, I will measure my success.