A Blog Break Update


Hello friends. 

It’s been a month since I wrote here last and told you I’m taking a break from blog writing. Now I’m here to tell you it’s going to be a month more.

Despite the covid-19 situation, I’d like to say I’m doing better than I was in February. Yes, I’m still looking for a job (although the current situation isn’t really in my favor) and I’m sad to tell that my grandmother passed away last week which has been a surprisingly emotional thing for me to process.

In February, I wrote a little over 5,000 words. In March, the total word count was 9,700. So, one can see some improvement, some writing recovery happening there. I even participated in a writing competition! But most importantly: lately, I’ve been finding that joy in writing again that I feel like has been lost for many months now. You know, the true, exhilarating happiness over writing something that gives you joy?

And finding that joy feels so precious and something so delicate, that I really wish to hold on to it with gentle hands covered with silk gloves. I wish not to distract myself from that precious feeling, and that is why I’m taking another month’s break from the blog. 

But I hope to be back in May. I really do hope that, and hopefully things will be even better then than they are now.

A lot of hope, I know. But it’s something we need during these months of self-isolation or mandatory quarantine, depending on where you live.

Keep safe and stay in good health, reader. And remember that forgetting yourself in a story can be one of the most pleasurable and okay things to do in times like these. I’ll see you in May!