Still Life Sunday


On this page you will find all the short stories that are a part of the Still Life Sunday -series.

1 The Longing
2 The Business Card
3 Book Store Dweller
4 Morning Swim
5 The Bakery
6 The Caretaker
7 Changing Room
8 An Absolute Bearing
9 Theory of Absence
10 Ice Cube Rebellion
11 Caffeine Rush
12 A Memory Space
13 An Unknown Demand
14 An Optimized Route
15 A Method for Sleep
16 Élan Vital
17 An Instant Message on a Saturday Night
18 Reviving Resilience
19 A Goodbye Said in Silence
20 The Difference Between Two Minds
21 The Ten-Round Swimmer
22 Tête-à-tête
23 The Stoic of the Crowd
24 The Grand Production
25 A Zip Code Error
26 The Sound of the Ocean
27 The First Day of a New Life
28 Unable to Connect
29 Meeting a Stranger
30 The Staring Contest
31 A Moment’s Notice