I tend to come back to certain topics time and time again. These topics include for instance writing and being a writer, people-pleasing and self-development. Therefore, on this page, I have categorized my posts according to a certain theme.

So, if you’re interested in delving into one particular subject, take a look at these categories!

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Writing and Being a Writer

My Early Works
How Does One Become A Published Author?
Writing: A Project Update

How To Get That Writing Done
The Good And The Bad Of A 30-Day Writing Challenge
The Conviction, The Passion

Why Make the Words Public
A Writer’s Curse and Blessing
The Art of Finishing

What Comes After ‘The End’?
The Cat Who Ate Too Much
Writing In Good Company

Help for Heroes – Or How To Realise an Idea
Why Fan Fiction Could Be Good For You
A Friendly Reminder (from Tolkien)

A Writerly Update
A Traveling Writer
The First Week of Travel – Heat, Traffic Jams and Empty Pages

The Traveling Writer, Pt. II
Experiencing As the Opposite of Writing
Am I Proud To Be A Writer?

My Brief Career As A Plotter
Writerly Update 1: November 2019
Is Fan Fiction Only A Distraction From Writing Real Stories?

Finding A Way Out From Writer’s Block
Writing Lessons From Reading
Writerly Update 2: December 2019

Different Methods For Writing
Writerly Update 3: January 2020
The Return to the Draft

The Good and Bad With Rewriting
First Reactions to My First Chapter


On the Importance of Reading
What I Read This Year
Lessons With Murakami

What I Read In 2019
Reading With An E-Reader

On the Road (or At the Sea)

Goodbye To All Things Familiar
The Idyllic Villages We Pass By – An Update From Sea
The Great Thing About Traveling Slowly

The Paradise Island Controversy
Experiencing My First Culture Shock
Why This Isn’t A Holiday

What We Gain By Being ‘Lazy’
Vietnam – A Tough Nut To Crack
The Trouble With Tourism

The Way We Travel
The Thing About Not Being Homesick


A People-Pleaser’s Hike
The History of Me, The People-Pleaser
A People-Pleaser’s Autopilot

Managing Your Time and Goals

All At Once, Summer Collapsed Into Fall
5,000 Instead Of 50,000
The Time On Your Side

You Are What You Focus On
What Happens After 30 Days?
Keeping Your Vision Clear

Choosing a Direction For 2019
The Additional 30
14 Hours Of More Clarity

The Right Attitude for Getting Things Done

Few Words on Creativity

Non-Creative Wednesdays
The Right Kind of Ratio
Working With Flow


Thoughts From Toothbrushing
How Our Discomfort Zone Changes and Evolves
Personal Growth – Pride Mixed With Confusion and Regret

The Difficulty of Accepting Change
Refreshing the Closets – And The Mind
Investing To Know Yourself

Using Shortcuts to Succeed
The Benefits of Writing a Journal
On the Importance of Reading

Searching for Balance
The World of Self-Diagnosis
Choosing What’s Important

Facing a Fear in Neoprene Slippers
Unsuited For Travel

On Quitting A Job / Work Life

Today I Quit My Job – part I
Today I Quit My Job – Part II
Today I Quit My Job – Part III

Why I Quit My Job
How I Prepared Myself for Quitting
Why It Was A Tough Thing To Do

True Progress: Life After Quitting
Why I Didn’t Want To Be A Journalist
Back To Where I Came From

Coming Home

Miscellaneous / Life

Things Will Change For A While
The Banana Peel and Other Observations
DVD Roulette

A Five Star Experience
Sweat, Strength and Tears of Happiness

Reconnecting, part II
Thoughts on Graduating
When Death Collects One

What My Grandfather Taught Me
Ways To Connect With People
It’s Time For A Break

A Blog Break Update