Still Life Sunday: Élan Vital


16 Élan Vital

Still wrapped in a black garbage bag, I was handed over to a stranger.

The newspaper wrapped around me was supposed keep the warmth in, prevent the moisture from evaporating to the chilly November air.

While still outside, trying to keep myself warm and somewhat cozy, I got handed over from one pair of hands to another. A muffled sound of gratitude, then steps, a door opening and closing.

The warmth made me feel like I had been reborn. That I was, once again, alive after battling in the cold winds and the misty dampness for what felt like forever.

I was brought inside, pulled out of that black garbage bag and unwrapped from the thick layers of newspaper that was filled with old news, stories that had already lost their value. It may sound sad, but for me this was a moment of joy.

After waiting for a long time, I was able to breathe again. To take deep gulps of fresh but warm air, stretch my muscles up towards the white ceiling, to the sides, trying to grab the white walls that were, however, too far. Or I was too small.

But I am ready to grow taller, wider and stronger. Take in the energy that is given to me, breath in the carbon dioxide and release the oxygen. Because in that moment, as I was being pulled out of the garbage bag, it felt as if I had been born again and remembered my place yet again.

I remembered what I was supposed to do and why I had chosen to do what I did. A great reminder that had already diminished in my memory during the long wait in the darkness. But the light, the fresh air, the friendly arms that brought me inside and showed me my new home, brought the original thought back to me.

My aim is to grow in all directions. To put down strong roots but also to stretch upwards to the ceiling. And one day share a part of me with another pot filled with earth, ready to start reaching towards the white walls and get stronger every day that goes by.


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