Still Life Sunday: Caffeine Rush


11 Caffeine Rush

He usually ordered a cappuccino at the café. Sometimes he felt for something sweet and chose a cinnamon bun to go with it but mostly he opted for a caffeine rush rather than a sugary one.

As the café was extremely popular and almost always the tables were taken, he had gotten used to sitting at the long but narrow table by the window. It was the place for the lonely coffee drinkers, focused long-distance workers, for the inspired artists. He considered himself being a mix of all three.

Ever since he had picked this small café as his favorite and had become a regular there, he had sat at the long table by the window. This was, according to his subjective opinion, the best place a visitor could pick at this particular café. Because from here one could observe anything and anyone, both inside and outside.

And this was the reason why he kept coming to this café for his cappuccino and the occasional cinnamon bun. He enjoyed watching the people, following their body language, trying to read their lips and scribbling down little notes about their behavior in his blue notebook.

Picks his nose when he thinks no one’s watching, said one of the notes.

Has a crush on her company, easy to tell by the way she keeps touching her hair. He, however, doesn’t seem to have a clue, said the other one.

Walks in a way that seems confident, like he knows where he’s going. But the expression on his face tells a different story, told a note about an observation he had made from the street.

These notes he scribbled down were just a way to observe and remember the different behaviors of people. How they talked, walked, looked and sounded was very intriguing to him, making him excited and more conscious about his surroundings.

Because after he had finished his cappuccino (and occasionally, the cinnamon bun) he stood up, took his jacket, nodded a thanks to the café workers and left. On the street, he took out his blue notebook from his bag, reading his notes again and picking his favorite observation of the day.

Seems confident, but at the same time has the need to take a quick glimpse at herself in every window she passes. Maybe to make sure she can and should feel confident about the way she looks?

This seemed like a behavior too good to pass by so he took a moment standing on the street. He closed his eyes and tried to find the feeling of confidence he had seen only moments before. When he felt good about himself, when he was certain that he looked ravishing in his simplistic brown costume, he began walking down the street, an air of confidence surrounding him. And at every shop window he passed, he glimpsed at himself so quickly that he was almost certain no one else saw. He still looked awesome, he was certain of it, so he kept on walking in that self-reliant manner until the next shop window came. A glimpse, a convinced smile, and he walked onward.

This kept on for who knows how long – he did it as long as he enjoyed it, until he got the feeling that he knew what was going on in that girl’s mind from whom he originally had copied the behavior from.

After that, depending on the mood and the weather of the day, he returned home or picked up his notebook and chose another behavior to imitate. This was, according to his subjective opinion, one of the best hobbies he had and one of the funniest ways to make time go by.

The weather was almost sunny that day and the wind warm so he opened his notebook again, this time at random, and picked the first behavior he saw.

A man, extremely busy, can’t seem to avoid bumping into things and people. Does apologize, luckily, but seems a little bit confused by everything.

He smiled, closed his notebook and put it back in his bag. Then he closed his eyes for a while, searching for the feeling of restlessness inside him. He opened his eyes and started walking, speeding up until he bumped into an elderly lady. He suppressed the smile that tried to find its way to his lips, and did his best to keep the expression on his face somewhat confused.

“I’m very sorry, I hope you’re alright!”

The lady was already and he kept on walking. Yes – this was definitely one of the funniest ways to make days pass.


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