Still Life Sunday: The Business Card

2 The Business Card

”Give me a call.”

People reacted very differently when they received his business card.

Some reacted with a snort.
Some of them laughed.
And some of them simply looked puzzled, not knowing what to think.

The card had his name on it and then four words:


The ones who snorted thought this man was a bit too high on his horse.
The ones who laughed thought of him as a funny sort of guy, with a sense of humor.
And the ones who were left puzzled – well, there was a good reason to be puzzled.

The thing with business cards is that you only have one chance to hand them over. And because of that one chance, you better hand them over well.

Your goal is to leave the person who receives your business card with an impression – you want them to wonder who you are, you want them to become curious.

And those four words were exactly the thing that made people look at the business card twice.

The ones who snorted thought “Who does this guy think he is? Who has the nerve to call himself God?”

The laughers did not know what to think so they simply laughed, in loss of words, secretly hoping their laughter showed that they got the joke (although there was no joke).

And the ones left puzzled tried to solve the riddle of the four words.

If these four words described the man who had printed them on his business card then what kind of man was he? What kind of person is a thinker, or a creator, or an artist – or a God? Let alone, what kind of person is all four at the same time? Is it even possible?

The doubtful did not want to call him because they thought he was too odd, that they did not trust him (but actually they were jealous of him and that is why they did not call).

The ones who laughed were too uncomfortable to contact him, nervous for hearing more jokes they did not understand and this time get caught for not getting them.

And only some of them who were left puzzled called him up, said they wanted to meet him again.

And they were exactly the people the man wanted to call him up.



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